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4 Great Ways to Become the Best Cat Parent in 2023

26 Dec 2022.

2023 has arrived and with it the planning for a fantastic new year with your feline friend! Whether you’re a first-time cat owner or have owned (or been owned) by your kitty for years, you’re probably always looking for ways to become a better paw parent. Is your New Year’s resolution to become the best cat parent you can be? Read on for Cat in a Flat’s 4 great tips to becoming the best cat parent ever in 2023! 

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1. How do I make my home cat friendly? 

Regardless of whether you’re bringing a new kitty home or already have a cat, there are many ways to make your home the purrfect space for your feline. 

  • Stock up on food bowls and make sure your cat has access to plenty of water sources. Most felines like to drink running water (which can be one reason why your cat follows you to the bathroom, so they can drink from the tap!), so a cat fountain is an excellent investment for your kitty.  Not sure if your cat is drinking enough water? These tips on how to get your cat to drink more water will help! 
  • Getting your cat on a healthier diet is a great best cat parent resolution. Look for foods rich in protein and nutrients and feed your cat a diet of both wet and dry food. If in doubt, ask your vet for food recommendations. 
  • Cats like to climb, so you’ll want to create lots of vertical spaces for your feline. One way to do this is by installing accessible cat shelves. Having a high place to retreat to will help Mr Whiskers to feel safe as well as provide a bird’s eye view of their cat kingdom. Add some excellent cat scratching trees to your household and you’ll certainly win the award of best cat parent of the year! 
  • Make sure you have enough litter trays for your cat or cats. The general rule for litter boxes is one per feline, plus one extra. So, if you have one kitty you should aim to put out two litter trays. Clean litter boxes daily, twice a day if possible. Our fur friends are very clean creatures, and unclean litter boxes can lead to issues like cystitis and protest pissing in cats.

2. Schedule playtime with your cat

Just like humans, it’s important for cats to exercise to stay healthy. Here are a few ways to approach playing with your cat.

  • Stick to a play routine. Our fur friends are creatures of habit, so you should try to stick to the same daily play schedule. Cats are at their most active in the mornings and evenings, so usually they will enjoy playing at these times. Aim for 10-15 minutes play slots and always follow your cat’s lead. This means don’t force your feline to play or continue playing if they’re not in the mood.
  • Buy the right cat toys. Felines need a lot of stimulation, and they can sometimes get bored of their toys. One way to counteract boredom is by keeping all toys out of paw’s reach and only getting them out during playtime. This way they’re a novelty to your fur friend. You’ll also want to change your kitty’s toys every six months or so. Remember that some toys can be dangerous for cats and should only be played with under your or your cat sitter’s supervision. 
  • Reward your cat. At the end of each play session reward your cat with cuddles or treats. This will create a pawsitive association with playtime and earn you extra points as the best cat parent. 

3. Can you socialize your cat?

You might be hoping to bring your shy cat out of their shell, or simply acclimate your kitty to more social situations. Remember, many factors come into play when socializing a cat. 

  • Some feline breeds (such as the Bengal cat) are much more social than others. Always consider your kitty’s breed, previous experiences, and personality before you try to socialize them. 
  • As the best cat parent, you should never force your kitty to socialize. Don’t get upset or impatient if your cat hides whenever you have company. Respect your fur friend’s boundaries and don’t try to interact with them when they’re in their safe space. 
  • Socialize one-on-one. Just because your kitty is standoffish with others doesn’t mean they don’t want to socialize with you! To be the best cat parent, make spending time with your fur friend a daily priority. Socialising one-on-one can mean playing with your cat, cuddling or napping together, or simply hanging out in the same room with them. Your fur friend will always appreciate quality time with their favourite human. 

4. How to find a great vet and a trustworthy cat sitter

Finding a great vet and a trustworthy cat sitter for your kitty is an important step in becoming the best cat parent! Here are a few simple tips to help you find the best vet and cat sitter for your fur friend. 

  • Look for a veterinarian close to home. Travel can be stressful for cats, so it’s best to avoid having to go too far for vet visits. Ask your fellow feline-owning friends for vet recommendations or use a vet directory such as RCVS to find practices nearby. 
  • Cat in a Flat is a great way to find excellent (and affordable) cat sitters in your area. ‘Shop’ around a bit by getting in touch with 3-4 cat sitters to find out what experience they have and what pet sitting services they offer. Before booking, invite your potential cat sitter to meet you and your kitty first. This way you can see how your cat and the sitter interact and whether Mr Whiskers is comfortable with their new sitter.

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