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Meowy New Year! 5 Amazing New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Cat

8 Dec 2023.

It’s almost the end of the year and you know what that means; it’s time for some New Year’s resolutions! Many of us like to set goals when a fresh year rolls around, but what about Mr Whiskers? It’s never a bad idea to incorporate your cat into your New Year’s resolutions. You may even find yourself surprised by your kitty (and you’ll both have a lot of fun too)! Not sure what New Year’s resolutions to make for you and your cat? Cat in a Flat provides some amazing suggestions below! 

Introduce your cat to new people

Can you introduce your cat to new people? If your kitty tends to hide away whenever you have company, maybe your New Year’s resolution can be to help them work on their social skills. Developing social skills can help your feline feel more confident and help reduce their anxiety and fear towards new situations. Make sure to take your time when socialising your fur friend—whether you’re introducing your cat to a new kitty or a new human. And don’t force the situation if your kitty doesn’t like it. Some felines are shy and don’t enjoy socialising at all.

socialise your cat

Always give your fur friend the freedom to exit any social situation if they’re scared or uncomfortable (and plenty of comfy hiding spaces they can retreat to). And don’t overwhelm your feline by trying to introduce them to too much too soon. Give them time to adjust to one new person or animal in their lives at a time. Don’t forget to reward Mr Whiskers with treats, even if they spend just a few minutes socialising! This will help your cat to see socialising as positive instead of negative. 

Note: This is why hiring the same cat sitter for repeat bookings is usually a good idea. If your feline has already gotten comfortable with their pet sitter, they’ll much prefer to see the same person again as opposed to a new cat sitter every time. And a familiar face also means Mr Whiskers will be less stressed while you’re away.

New Year’s resolution #2: Learn to communicate with your cat

Our furry friends have a lot of clever ways to communicate with us, whether it be through body language or vocalisations like meowing. While we humans haven’t yet developed the ability to talk back to cats in their language, learning how to understand what your feline is saying can go a long way towards strengthening your bond. Hence, one great New Year’s resolution is to learn to communicate better with your cat! 

Do you understand your cat’s body language? If no, take the time to learn what different signals mean. For example, if your kitty’s tail is pointing straight up with a little question mark at the end, this means they’re happy to see you! However, if it’s wagging from side to side, your kitty may be in hunting mode. Upright ears most likely mean your feline is feeling relaxed. Pressed back against the skull are signs of a stressed or aggressive cat

Spend more time with your cat

While cats do tend to be more independent than dogs, this doesn’t mean your feline doesn’t need you around! Kitties get quite emotionally attached to their humans, and your cat will miss you when you’re gone. So, one of the best New Year’s resolutions you can make is to spend more time with your cat! 

Our furry friends are most active in the mornings and evenings, so this is prime time to spend some quality time with your kitty. One of the best ways to do this is by simply playing with your cat! Daily playtime will help your fur friend burn off energy, so they are less likely to get into trouble or become destructive when you’re not around. If you have a multi-cat household, quality playtime is a must as it will also prevent one cat from bullying another out of boredom. 

In the evenings, end your play sessions by fussing on Mr Whiskers and giving them a cuddle. Even something as simple as letting your kitty sit on your lap can help the both of you build a stronger bond! If you’re worried about your fur friend becoming bored during the day or missing you while you’re at work, consider hiring a pet sitter to pop in for at-home cat day care. They can keep your kitty company, feed, and play with them. This way you come home to a more relaxed and content feline. 

New Year’s resolution #4: Is it possible for cats to learn tricks? 

Is it possible for cats to learn tricks? Absolutely! However, as any paw parent knows, it’s nearly impossible to convince a cat to do something they don’t want to. Most felines can learn simple tricks, if you take the right approach, work on one trick at a time, and reward your kitty for a job well done. 

  • Start with simple tricks such as teaching your cat to come when called, or to sit on command. 
  • Use treats to motivate your kitty. But only give your fur friend a treat when they’ve done the trick! (We know, it’s hard to resist those cute feline eyes.) 
  •  Don’t overdo it. A few minutes a day working on a single trick is enough. 
  • Eventually, if your cat seems confident, you can move onto more complex ‘tricks’ such as training your cat to use a harness. 

Set (and stick to) a cleaning schedule for your cat

Cats can get a little messy at times, whether it be due to shedding, litter box upsets, or scratching the furniture. Make it your New Year’s resolution to keep your home clean and cat-friendly

set a cat cleaning schedule
  • Always put toys away after playing with your cat. This prevents your feline from playing with potentially dangerous toys unsupervised. It also creates an element of excitement whenever you get out Mr Whiskers’ toys! 
  • Set aside time every week for essential cat care. This can include grooming your kitty’s fur, trimming their claws, and cleaning their eyes, ears, and teeth. Make sure you read up on the right approach to grooming a cat and always reward your furry friend with treats so it’s a positive experience! 
  • Make time daily to vacuum or sweep high-traffic areas where your kitty tracks litter. 
  • Clean your feline’s litter boxes at least once a day. Empty, wash, and refill them with fresh litter every few weeks. 
  • Redirect your cat’s scratching by scratch-proofing furniture and providing plenty of scratching posts for your feline to use. 

Do you like these resolutions and want to learn more about how to improve your fur friend’s life? Check out our blog posts on how to be the best cat owner and tips on keeping your indoor cat happy and healthy.

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