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A Feline Farewell to the Year: The Best Cat Sitting Moments of 2023!

1 Dec 2023.

2023 has been an exciting year for many of us. Maybe you became a cat parent for the first time this year or decided to begin working as a cat sitter. Or maybe it was a particularly great year because you and your kitty accomplished all of your 2023 resolutions! Our amazing community of paw parents, feline lovers, and cat sitters certainly give us a lot to celebrate each and every year. So, in honour of that, here are Cat in a Flat’s best cat sitting moments of 2023!

2023 best cat sitting moment: A shoe-in for cutest kitten

This photo of an adorable kitten small enough to fit into a shoe more than deserves a spot on our list of 2023 best cat sitting moments. Not only does this photo provide an instant shot of serotonin, but it’s a great reminder of the wide range of care for both kittens and adult felines that our wonderful cat sitters can provide.

Is caring for a kitten different from caring for an adult cat? Introducing a tiny furry new family member into your home is always exciting. But paw parents and cat sitters should keep in mind that kitten care is different from caring for an adult cat. For example, while it can be okay to leave an adult cat alone for several hours a day, young kittens shouldn’t spend more than a few hours alone at one time. Kittens usually also have higher energy levels, specific dietary requirements, or may need litter box training

If you’re going on holiday and leaving a kitten at home, you should probably book your cat sitter for multiple daily visits or (even better) overnight stays. This way your kitten isn’t alone for too long. Of course, hiring a cat sitter doesn’t just have to be for when you’re away. If you spend many hours a week at work, you can hire a cat sitter to simply pop in during the day to provide at-home cat day care. This will prevent your little feline from getting lonely and help them to feel more settled in their new home! 

What’s a day in the life of a cat sitter like?

Have you ever wondered what a typical day looks like for a cat sitter? Or are you considering becoming a cat sitter but aren’t sure what it entails? Our fab cat sitter Becca shows us what a day pet sitting for five different kitty clients is like and what she usually does. As you can see, typical cat sitting tasks include fulfilling feeding requirements for individual kitty clients, cleaning their litter boxes, playtime, and (of course) cat cuddles! 

Becca’s video ranks as one of the best cat sitting moments of 2023 because it gives us insight into how an experienced cat sitter approaches felines with different needs, care, and personalities! 

Can your cat (aka tiny house tiger) roar?

The average domestic cat has quite a few things in common with their bigger wildcat relatives. While your kitty may not have the ability to roar like their cousin the lion, they do share similar vocal abilities with other cats like the cougar (which can purr and meow, too). This further proves that the domestic feline is really just a tiny house cougar in disguise, right?

In fact, one of the most surprising facts about cats is that they are capable of making almost 100 different sounds—and each with its own unique meaning. Pretty amazing, right? No wonder your kitty clients’ chirps, meows, and purrs have earned a spot as some of the best cat sitting moments of 2023. 

2023 best cat sitting moment: Cats and playtime

Staying active is important for our felines, and this means that both paw parents and cat sitters need to engage in daily playtime! There are so many fun (and inexpensive) ways to keep the cats in your life active AND entertained—and, based on this Instagram post, shadow puppets is one of them! 

Christmas and New Years are peak times for cat sitters, as many people travel for the holidays. As a paw parent, make sure you book early to ensure your kitty has quality care during the holidays. And cat sitters, it’s time to start prepping for holiday fun with your feline clients! Create some great memories (and a few final 2023 best cat sitting moments) with your furry friends by bringing them a Christmas gift this year. Here are a few ideas for gifts the cats in your life will love

How cats show love: Best kitty kisses

Unlike dogs, you have to earn a cat’s trust and love. Which makes it all the more meaningful when Mr Whiskers offers you head nudges and kisses! Not only are these some of the best cat sitting moments of 2023, but they’re a good reminder of what makes this community so special. 

When you book a cat sitter with Cat in a Flat, you know you’ll find someone who loves felines just as much as you do. Not only will your pet sitter provide personalised care, but they’ll look after Mr Whiskers like their own cat. And if your kitty starts offering their cat sitter kisses…this means they’re considered a part of the family now too! 

Looking for more fun feline content to close out the year? Check out our blog post featuring heroic pets or read up on some fun facts about ginger felines and the lucky calico cat!

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