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Cat Day Care, Boarding, or Catteries: What’s the Right Choice for Your Cat?

25 Aug 2023.

Every paw parent wants what’s best for their kitty, but finding the right pet care can sometimes feel overwhelming. Maybe you’re worried about leaving your furry friend home alone during the day. Or perhaps you’re not sure where to find proper pet care before you go on a trip. Should you leave your cat at a day care? Try boarding your kitty at a cattery? Or is there another better alternative? Below, Cat in a Flat breaks down the differences between a cat day care and a cattery and whether these are the right choice for your feline. 

What is cat day care? 

A cat day care offers short-term care for your kitty whenever you’re not able to look after them. 

  • Work week boarding. A day care may be an option for anyone who is worried about leaving their kitty home alone every day. It functions much in the same way a doggy day care does: you drop Mr Whiskers in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day.  
  • Stressful days. Any sort of change at home can be stressful for your feline. Maybe you’re moving home or introducing a new member to the family (such as a baby or new pet). Perhaps you have guests staying with you. In these cases, you may be worried that your cat will feel anxious or, worse, run away. Dropping them for the day at a cat day care can keep them safely out of way of a stressful situation. 
cat day care vs. cattery

What are boarding catteries?

Pet boarding or catteries work similarly to cat day care with the exception that they aren’t for day boarding. You would generally use a cattery for longer-term pet boarding such as when you’re away on holiday or for a work trip. 

Most catteries will provide an individual sleeping cabin or cage for each cat. All kitties share a communal area for play. If your cat is shy or doesn’t enjoy socialising you can sometimes request that the cattery provide them with their own area. This way they don’t have to share space with other kitties. 

Note: Sometimes the terms cat day care, cattery, and pet boarding are used interchangeably and may provide similar services. 

day care for my cat

Is a cat day care or cattery right for my cat? 

How do you know if a cat day care is the right choice for your cat? Whether a cat day care (or pet boarding facility) is right for your feline will depend on a few factors. These include personality, age, and health. Some felines are social and don’t mind a change in environment, others will find it very stressful. Even so, the process of getting your kitty into a cat carrier, traveling to the day care or cattery, and the many strange sounds and smells your fur friend will encounter along the way can make even the most laid-back kitty feel anxious. Hence, you should always explore other options first. Hiring a cat sitter is something to consider before you board your furry friend at a cat day care or cattery. 

Cats rarely adapt quickly to new environments (even the most social ones!). Let’s say you’re dropping your kitty off daily while you’re at work. They won’t have nearly enough time to become accustomed to their surroundings before it’s time to go home again! Even if you board your feline for a few weeks in a cattery while you’re on a trip, it’s unlikely they’ll feel well-adjusted during that time.  

Cat day care in your home

You may be surprised to learn that you don’t have to take your furry friend anywhere in order to have access to pet care. In fact, our trustworthy sitters can bring a cat day care right into your home! There are many reasons why this is a much better option than an outside day care or cattery.

At-home care means your furry friend can stay in the comfort of home. Your feline will feel much less stressed by your absence if they’re in a familiar environment. No strange sounds, smells, or unfamiliar cats. Our furry friends are territorial animals, which is why you need to take care when introducing them to each other. Cats can make friends. However, it requires the sort of patience and attention cat day cares and catteries aren’t able to provide. 

Cat day care in your home means you get to choose the pet sitter that best suits your kitty. Mr Whiskers will receive individual, bespoke care. You can head off to work or on a trip knowing that your cat sitter will take care of your feline’s unique needs. Maybe your kitty is diabetic. Or on a restricted diet. Or in need of daily medications. You can find a cat sitter who’s able to provide the individual care your furry friend needs. 

If you have more than one feline, at-home care is less costly than boarding your felines! Cat sitters charge per visit and not per cat. Which means you’ll be charged the same amount whether you have one kitty or multiple. 

At-home cat day care will result in a happier and healthier kitty. Your cat sitter will ensure your furry friend gets daily playtime, a clean litter box, and fresh food and water. A sitter will also spend quality one-on-one time with your feline. This way Mr Whiskers gets all the love and cuddles they need! 

Without a doubt, at-home cat care is the best option for any kitty. Looking for more stellar tips on caring for your kitty? Check out our blog posts on common cat care mistakes to avoid and tips for traveling with your cat if you need to take Mr Whiskers on the road! 

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