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Cat sitting explained – 5 steps to book a cat sitter with Cat in a Flat App

25 Oct 2021.

Are you looking to book a cat sitter and are wondering how cat sitting works? Well, we are Cat in a Flat, Europe’s biggest cat sitting community, a great alternative to catteries or cat boarding. On our App cat sitters offer an in-house service to take care of your moggy in the comfort of your home. You can find us across the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.

01 Start with Cat in a Flat

Download our free the app for IOS/Android or go to on your desktop. Here you can browse through our list of local, vetted cat sitters in your own time for free. Each cat sitter is individually checked, offers personal cat care and follows our Code of Conduct.

02 Find a cat sitter near me

To find your perfect cat sitter enter your postcode, dates and service required. You can combine morning and/or evening visits with overnight stays (ideal for very young or very old cats). You can filter for the best cat sitting service that suits your individual preferences, such as a pet sitter who is experienced in giving cats injections or who is police checked.

03 Get in touch with a cat sitter

You can contact several cat sitters through our platform to have a selection of available cat minders to choose from. When you arrange your meet and greet with your favourite sitter, fill in your online form and share all the important information and concerns. Remember, your cat is the boss, so do not shy away from clear instructions and expectations.

04 Book and pay your cat sitter

All confirmed bookings come with a Cat in a Flat Guarantee and excellent customer service should you ever need it. Once booked, payment will automatically be taken 1 day before the booking starts. Until then changes can still be made. You can find out more here.

05 What to expect from a cat sitting Service

During the cat sitting your cat sitter will send you photos of your cat as arranged in your meet and greet and will follow all your instructions. Your cat sitter should have been instructed to empty the cat litter regularly and know where and when to feed your moggy.

The most important Cat sitting tasks at a glance:

  • The visit is 20-30 min  (depending on how much attention your kitty wants, they are the boss after all)
  • Daily food and fresh water
  • Cat Litter scooping / cleaning
  • Playing and cuddles
  • Daily photo updates
  • More playing and cuddles
  • Watering plants and collecting post if needed

Once the booking is complete and you and your kitty are happy with the service, don’t forget to leave your lovely cat sitter a 5 star review. You can also mark them as a favourite for next time 🙂

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