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Happy Cat Happy Life: How to Know if Your Cat Is Happy

8 Mar 2024.

While most people know that a yowl or hiss means a kitty is upset, how can you tell if your cat is happy?  The signs of a happy cat can be a bit more subtle, so it’s normal to worry about whether Mr Whiskers is feeling content. Not sure which signs to look for? Cat in a Flat shows you how to recognise the signs of a happy cat and ways to help your kitty feel more content and stress-free. 

signs of a happy cat

What sounds does a happy cat make? 

What sounds does a happy cat make? One of the easiest ways to recognise a content feline is by listening to them. Your furry friend will vocalise happiness in a variety of ways; from purring, to chirping, and even meowing! Here’s how you can tell when your kitty’s vocalisations mean they’re happy. 


There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of a feline’s purr. Some kitties purr more loudly or more frequently than others. When your fur friend does, you can usually take it as a sign that they’re feeling calm and content. 

Note: There are occasions where purring could be a sign of a sick cat. If you’re not sure why Mr Whiskers is purring, watch their body language. If they’re crouched close to the ground, acting listless, or eating and drinking less than usual, you may need to take your furry friend to the vet for a check-up. 


If you have a happy cat on your hands, they will most likely make little chirping or trilling sounds every now and then. Maybe your fur friend trills as a greeting when you get home, or chirps back when you talk to them. Mr Whiskers might even chirp when watching birds out the window or when playing with their favourite toy. 


One of the most common, and direct, ways for your cat to show you they’re happy is by meowing. However, felines use over 60 different meows to communicate, so it’s important to know how to interpret your fur friend’s meows! Short, high-pitched meowing may mean that Mr Whiskers wants to show you something, play with you, is hungry, or just wants a cuddle. A more prolonged meow generally means something is wrong.

Note: Communication will differ from one cat to another. Some breeds are very vocal and will meow about every little thing, while another type of cat might only meow when something’s off. Over time, you’ll learn to interpret your furry friend’s individual meows. Your kitty will also learn to change how they meow based off of how you react! 

Body language of a content cat

Our furry friends don’t just communicate vocally, they can also tell us a lot through their body language! Here are a few key ways to know by your cat’s body language if they’re happy or not. 

One of the best (and most adorable) signs of affection from your kitty is the ‘cat kiss’. This is where your furry friend makes eye contact then slowly blinks their eyes closed. When this happens, don’t leave your furry friend hanging! Slowly blink back, then look away. You know your cat is happy when they’re giving away kitty kisses! 

Relaxed posture

When a cat is relaxed around you, this is a sure sign that they’re feeling content. Slowly stretching or lying on their back to reveal their vulnerable tummy are a few indications your cat is relaxed and happy around you. Alternately, an anxious kitty will look visibly tense and crouch in a corner or try to hide. 

Tail up

Tails aren’t just helpful for balance, they’re also an essential means of feline communication! A happy cat will have their tail straight up with a slight curve at the tip. Mr Whiskers’ tail may even sway side to side when they’re feeling particularly content. 

Arched back 

Your kitty may arch their back for a few different reasons—both negative and positive. For example, an arched back with raised fur along the spine and a poofy tail indicates your feline is angry or stressed about something. However, if you reach out your hand to pet your cat and they arch their back to meet you halfway, this means they’re happy and want to interact with you. 

Making biscuits

Did you know you’re living with a cute furry baker? ‘Making biscuits’ is the phrase for when your kitty kneads their paws into their bed, blanket, or even you. Remember to keep your cat’s claws trimmed so that this show of affection is enjoyable for you both (or at least slightly less agonising for you)! 

Did you know big cats make biscuits too?

How can I make sure my cat is happy? 

  • Regular vet visits: We know, no kitty likes going to the vet. But to keep your cat happy and healthy, you need to take them for regular check-ups. Read up on how to make traveling with your cat as stress-free as possible. 
  • Neuter/spay your cat: If you haven’t already, consider neutering or spaying your furry friend. It has many health benefits and will lead to a more content cat in the long run. 
  • Microchip your cat: Getting lost wouldn’t just be upsetting for Mr Whiskers, it would be devastating for you too. You have a much higher chance of being reunited with your microchipped feline should they ever go missing or get lost. 
  • Provide a safe outdoor space: If possible, create a safe outdoor space for your fur friend. Time outdoors is great for your kitty’s mental and physical health. Just be sure you know what to do if your cat brings a ‘gift’ home for you! 
  • Daily play time: In order to keep your cat happy and healthy, it’s important to play with them every day. Invest in safe toys for cats and switch out them out every few months to keep Mr Whiskers engaged. 
  • A clean litter box: Accidents outside the litter box are one of the first signs of an unhappy cat. To avoid this, make sure there are enough litter boxes around your home (one per cat, plus one more) and that you clean them daily
  • A cat-friendly home: There are many ways to make your home more cat-friendly. Putting up shelves, setting out scratching trees, and making sure Mr Whiskers has a window view are just a few changes you can make to keep your cat happy. 
  • Get them a friend: Some felines may benefit from having a buddy to keep them company. If this sounds like your kitty, you may consider bringing another cat into your home. Take care when introducing a new cat to your kitty, as some felines may struggle to adjust to a new pet. 
  • Hire a cat sitter: If possible, avoid boarding your kitty at a cattery whenever you’re away. Your fur friend will already be stressed by your absence; traveling to the cattery along with the smells and sounds of a strange environment and other cats will only upset your kitty more. Instead, hire a cat sitter to provide personalised pet care in the comfort of your home. Your kitty will remain much more happy and relaxed this way! 
how to keep my cat happy

Looking for more great cat care tips? Check out our blog posts on how to manage your multi-cat household and 5 tips to help you be the best paw parent to your kitty! 

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