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Why Does My Cat Follow Me Into the Bathroom?

27 Oct 2021.

It’s probably normal for your cat to come into the bathroom with you, or meow at the door when you lock them out. Considering bathing your cat isn’t a necessary part of cat care, it might seem odd to find your kitty always hovering nearby when you step out of the shower. Have you ever wondered why your furry friend seems to have such an obsession with hanging out in the bathroom with you? Cat in a Flat finds out! 

Why does my cat follow me to the toilet?

Cats need privacy when using their litter box/toilet, but they seem to believe you need company when using yours! You might find it strange that your cat likes to curl up on your lap while you’re on the toilet, but this is really your kitty’s way of showing how much they like you. They know they’ll have your undivided attention and simply want to spend that quality time with you. 

It’s also important to know that your kitty requires privacy while using their own litter box. This isn’t because they’re pernickety, but because they’re keeping themselves safe. Cats feel vulnerable in these situations; and a covered litter box gives them a sense of security. You, on the other hand, aren’t in need of that extra measure of safety, hence your cat thinks it’s okay to follow you to the bathroom! 

Cat lying in sink.

Does my cat like routine?

Your bathroom routine is probably one of the most reliable parts of your life. As a lover of routine, it can be reassuring to your kitty to see you brush your teeth, use the toilet, or shower at around the same time every day. Your cat follows you into the bathroom because they want to be a part of this daily ritual. 

Your cat may also follow you into the bathroom because they associate your routine with something else. For example, your kitty may have figured out you always feed them after your morning shower. Or maybe after brushing your teeth at night they know it’s time for bedtime treats and cuddles. 

Why does my cat follow me to the shower?

It’s hard to know sometimes why our furry weirdos do what they do. And it can be puzzling when your cat follows you into the bathroom or insists on joining you in the shower. Although cats don’t like water, that doesn’t mean they’re not fascinated by it. A running faucet or shower can be a source of curiosity for your kitty. They may like playing with running water, or even splashing their paws in a full bathtub. 

If you close the door this will only invite more curiosity from your furry friend. Chances are, if you let them, your cat will happily follow you into the bathroom and even sit on the edge of the tub while you shower or take a bath. Look at it as your kitty wanting to bond by knowing more about what you’re doing.

Cat drinking from running tap.

Is my cat thirsty?

Felines prefer drinking running water over still water, which could be a reason why your cat follows you into the bathroom. They may be thirsty and simply like drinking from a running tap. While it’s perfectly okay to let your cat do this, you should make sure they have plenty of access to water when the tap isn’t running. 

Drinking fountains are always a great investment for your furry friend. But it can also be a big red flag if your cat seems to be drinking more than usual. Cats get a lot of moisture from their food, and excessive thirst can be a sign of illness. If you’re worried your kitty is drinking too much water, check in with your veterinarian. 

Does my cat hate closed doors?

It’s normal for your kitty to hate being faced with a closed door. Your cat may follow you into the bathroom because they know you’ll close the door if they’re not fast enough! Felines see closed doors as a challenge, and dislike being on the wrong side of one. 

As a cat owner, you probably know locking your cat out of the bathroom is a bad idea. Your peace will be shattered by your kitty crying, scratching, and doing everything in their power to get inside. If you do decide to train your cat not to follow you into the bathroom, make sure you’re consistent about keeping the door closed.

Does my cat want to spend time with me?

Your cat might follow you into the bathroom simply because they love you and want to be with you all the time. Although independent animals, felines still form close bonds with their humans and your cat even misses you when you’re not around. Is it any surprise your kitty loves following you from one room to the next, and even into the bathroom? 

However, make sure you understand the difference between love and separation anxiety—as some cats can suffer from the latter. Is your cat pooping outside their litter tray? Do they refuse to leave you alone? Do they appear anxious if you’re gone for a long time? These can all be signs of separation anxiety in cats. Contact your vet if your kitty is displaying any of these symptoms and you’re worried they may be suffering from anxiety.

As a cat sitter, make sure you talk through the possibility of separation anxiety with your kitty client’s owners. Know the signs and who to contact if Mr Whiskers seems particularly stressed while his humans are away. 

Why does my cat want in the bathroom? 

You’ll probably never fully understand why your cat insists on following you into the bathroom. It could be because they hate being away from you, or perhaps they hate that you have access to a part of the house they don’t. It could be your kitty is simply curious. Or it’s plain old cat stubbornness. After all, who hasn’t had their cat meow to be let out, only to have them whine to come back inside a moment later? 

Whatever the reason, appreciate that your cat follows you into the bathroom to spend time with you. While it can seem annoying at times, your kitty probably associates the bathroom as a positive space. Sitting on your lap while you’re on the toilet means nonstop caresses. Bath time means playing with bubbles and water. And sitting by the sink while you freshen up means they get to be near their favourite human! 

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