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Five Reasons to Become a Cat Sitter

3 Oct 2020.

Are you wondering whether becoming a cat sitter is for you? Here is the Cat in a Flat guide to the best five reasons for giving it a try.

1. Join a cat sitting community

Cat sitting isn’t just about opening tins and cleaning litter trays. Cat in a Flat is a community of like-minded feline friends who all have something in common: they love cats and want to care for them.

Each search for a cat minder starts with the candidates nearest by. It’s clearly the most practical way of sorting potential sitters. It also means you can connect with people (and cats) in your community. Being in the neighbourhood means repeat cat-sitting bookings from those nearby are likely. This is especially true if you make a good impression on the household and, in particular, its most important and fluffiest member.

Cat sitting with Cat in a Flat

2. Being a cat sitter is fun

Spending time with a cat is a privilege – all members of the Cat in a Flat community know this. Getting to know a new cat is a real treat. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons to become a cat sitter. This is especially true when the work in building a relationship starts to pay off in the shape of belly rubs, purrs and bunts (affectionate cat headbutts).

Cat in a Flat asks its sitters to go the extra mile. Cat carers are expected to play with the cat they are looking after; to spend some time chilling with their new feline friend; talk to the cat’s owners to find out what she likes; scritch behind the ears and offer some chin rubs; and get their new cat buddy to pose for a photoshoot and send the pics to her owners. This isn’t just good for the cat and her family; it makes the job satisfying and fun for the carer too.

3. Make friends for life while cat sitting

Many Cat in a Flat sitters are cat lovers who can’t have a furry companion of their own. Looking after local cats can help scratch the itch of wanting some quality time with a feline. It’s also reassuring for owners to know that the person looking after Felix is a real cat lover and wants to spend time with their pet.

Repeat bookings are common once a bond and mutual respect has been established between a cat and her carer. This means the relationship can grow into something even closer and cuter with each visit. Cats have excellent long-term memories and will remember the people who treat them well for years afterwards. Helping to care for a local feline is therefore a great way to make a new friend for life.

4. Cat sitting is flexible and can earn you extra income

Not only is cat sitting fun and rewarding, it’s also a truly flexible way to earn some extra income. While it shouldn’t be the only reason to become a cat sitter, it’s a definite bonus, especially as it’s such a fun job! Cat in a Flat carers are paid per visit and can vary their rates based on experience and what services they can offer. Cat minders can even include house sitting and plant watering in their services. Or, just stick to daily visits – the decision is theirs to make.

While it’s important to feed Felix at regular times, it’s usually possible to fit cat sitting around a day job. This means it’s extra work that’s available to most people. Cat in a Flat makes becoming a cat sitter safe, secure and easy and the more stellar reviews cat carers get from owners, the more work they can look forward to.

Play is an important part of cat sitting
Play is an important part of cat sitting

5. Spending time with cats is good for you

Every cat lover knows that the most relaxing noise in the world is the sound of purring. It is perhaps the most recognisable sound of contentment in the animal world and is said to have a positive effect on humans too. Cat owners are a third less likely to suffer heart disease or a stroke than others and the company of a feline is known to reduce stress and anxiety.

For those who can’t keep their own pet, spending quality time with a cat is a great reason to try kitty sitting. Taking responsibility for the care of an animal is extremely satisfying in itself. But when purring and belly rubs are also part of the job, cat minding becomes almost an act of self-care.

Find out more about becoming a cat sitter with Cat in a Flat here.

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